Stories I want to tell

When I stopped writing original work several years ago, it wasn’t with the intention to drop writing as a hobby alltogether, even if that was what happened.

I didn’t create anything new for quite some time, and focused on other hobbies such as roleplay and reading. This might have continued indefinately if I had not met this group of other players, who combined roleplay with often high quality writing. They inspired me to pick up the pen again, and I created my first character journals, followed by short stories and even little contest submissions.

Although I don’t roleplay as much any more I still enjoy the rich backgrounds of the characters that had been created, and I feel there is more to tell. The Chiss, Reoul, still has emotions that were never dealt with, and young Maladict needs to outgrow the shadow of his namesake. They, and the characters around them, inspire me and I hope to add many more stories about them, detailing their history and new adventures both.

On top of this, I aim to improve my overall writing skill. To this end I joined where I participate in review games and writing challenges. I hope to keep track of my efforts here.

If this isn’t ambitious enough, I also hope to explore new fandoms.

While I love Star Wars, and especially The Old Republic, dearly, I hope to explore several old loves of mine as well. First among these would be The Thunderbirds, a creation of Gerry Anderson who was also known for the scifi series Space: 1999. Other fandoms I hope to explore are Battle of the Planets, The Dresden Files, Modesty Blaise and the Man from UNCLE. Every single one of my choices feels to be a golden oldie. I think this is partly because of my own age, but also due to the fact that the more recent fandoms such as Harry Potter and Games of Thornes already receive a lot of love from a huge fanbase.

So far, I have published a 499 word ‘Drabble’ set in the Dresden-verse, and the first two chapters of Dark Healer on This story is meant to record Reoul’s journey from a Chiss medical student to the Sith he must become in order to survive.



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